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All texts that are not specifically of a technical nature but nonetheless require in depth knowledge of the specific material, both in the source and target languages, are handled as specialized translations. There is no doubt that even in our own language specialized texts are generally incomprehensible, and that translating them requires bilingual mastery of the subject in question.

We specialize in legal and financial translations. If you are working with international lawsuits, annual reports and auditors or marketing material, and require a high quality translation, you can take advantage of our team of translators, which, in addition to being fluent in both languages, are familiar with fields such as law, finance, and international commerce.

Let us know your requirements for translations in fields such as medicine, law, finance, environmental matters, and patents, and we will provide you with the best quality translation at a competitive price.

Specialist translators are available in various languages. Contact us.

The language professionals. Request a no-obligation quote.

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