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If you need to provide official documentation for a domestic or foreign organization in a language other than the one in which it was written, you will most likely need a certified (sworn) translation. We specialize in providing sworn translations. We have certified translators who work both from and into Spanish and Galician, all authorized by the appropriate authorities (the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xunta de Galicia) for all currently recognized languages. Looking for a certified translator into Spanish? Perhaps you need a certified translator from Portuguese? Or maybe a certified translator into Galician? Choosing agp is the simplest and easiest way to meet your requirements.

Our official translation service can also provide advice on the standard procedures for legalizing and certifying translations and foreign documents. Each country and organization has its own peculiarities, making the experience we have built up over the years one of our biggest assets when it comes to understanding the requirements of our clients.

Certified translators of various languages available. Contact us.
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