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The foreign language version of your web site is the first office you will open in a new country and will almost certainly be your primary sales agent there. Translating your website is more than just a marketing translation. It needs a comprehensive service to translate, localize and adapt your website to maximize your sales or image in the country in which you are looking to do business.

Translating a website is not simply a case of transferring words or expressions into another language. You also need to pay attention to SEO and be aware of searches in the target language and market. Contact us to find out about the possibility of undertaking a multilingual SEO study.

Localization consists of adapting and ensuring the suitability of published material such as brochures, websites, marketing material, software, and even product manuals for the target market. It involves the cultural adaptation of content, paying specific attention to the target location and audience. Each culture is different and these differences will determine the impact of your localization project.

Regardless of the format of your website, we can provide a simple way of integrating the text using the appropriate software. We also work with translation tools that make it easy to update versions of your website in different languages. Let us take care of the details, liaising directly with your developers, so you don’t have to.

Website translation is available in various languages. Contact us.

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