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“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”

George Steiner

agp Traducciones is a translation company that has been offering professional translation services for two decades. Our main priority is to offer an impeccable quality of service, both in the translation itself and in terms of other services provided, customer service, etc.

Each translation project is assigned to a project manager who accompanies you throughout its life cycle, from the moment of estimating the budget to the final delivery.

AGP Traducciones
Translation professionals

Our team

Our team of translators is carefully selected from the beginning and each translator undergoes a critical evaluation of each of the translation jobs they carry out for us. In this way, we can ensure that each translation project is carried out by the best translator and proofreader in consideration of the subject, length or format, specifically selected from among the more than 250 freelance professionals with whom we regularly work.

Begoña Pereira


Sworn Translator of French, Translator of Galician and Italian

Raquel Lugo
Raquel Lugo

Project Manager

Translator of English, Portuguese and French.

Andrea Gutiérrez
Andrea Gutiérrez

Project Manager Sworn

Translator of English

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If you are looking for a translation agency or interpreting company that can provide the perfect interpreter for your meetings, a professional translation for your products and your customers, or a language consultancy to translate your online presence, including your website, look no further.