Legal Notice

In this Legal Notice, the User will be able to find all of the information regarding the legal conditions that define the relationships between the users and the party responsible for the website accessible via the URL (hereinafter “the website”), which SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. makes available to Internet users.
By using this website, you fully and unconditionally agree to accept each of the provisions in this Legal Notice. Therefore, the website user should carefully read this Legal Notice every time they use it, since the text can be modified at the discretion of the owner of the website or due to changes in legislation, jurisprudence, or business practices.


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SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. is the party responsible for the website and endeavors to comply with all national and European requirements that govern the use of personal data provided by users.

This website guarantees the protection and confidentiality of the personal data provided to us, in accordance with that set forth in the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated 27 April 2016, in Organic Law 3/2018, governing the Protection of Personal Data and the safeguarding of digital rights, as well as in the Law on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, dated 11 July (LISS-EC).


The website provides users with access to the information and services available from SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. for individuals or organizations interested in them.

Accessing and using the website makes you a user of the website (you will hereinafter be referred to as the “User”) and implies that you accept all of the conditions included in this Legal Notice, as well as their modifications. The service provided by the website is limited to the time when the User is connected to the website or to any of the services provided through it. Therefore, the User should carefully read this Legal Notice every time they use the website, since the terms and conditions of use contained in this Legal Notice are subject to change.


3.1.- Free access and use of the website. Accessing this website is free for its users, except for the cost of connecting via the telecommunications network provided by the Internet access provider chosen by the users.
3.2.- User registration. Generally speaking, accessing and using the website does not require users to subscribe to or register with it beforehand.
3.3.- The users guarantee and are responsible, in all circumstances, for the accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal data provided, and agree to keep them duly updated. The user agrees to provide complete and correct information on the contact or subscription form.

Under no circumstances will data relating to the professional status, economic situation, or privacy of other family members be collected from a minor without their consent. If you are under thirteen years of age and have accessed this website without telling your parents, you should not register as a user.

This website respects and safeguards the personal data of its users. As a user, you should know that your rights are guaranteed.


The language used by the owner of this website will be Spanish. SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. shall not be held responsible for the user not comprehending or understanding the language used on the website, nor for the consequences thereof.
SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. can modify content without prior notice, as well as delete and change things on the website and the way that these can be accessed, freely and without justification. It shall not be responsible for the consequences of these changes for users.
The use of the website’s content to promote, hire or disseminate advertising or information on themselves or third parties without authorization from SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. is prohibited. No one may send advertising or information using the services or information that is made available to users, independently of whether this use is free.
Any links or hyperlinks that third parties include on their websites that lead to this website shall open the entire website. They cannot contain, directly or indirectly, any false, inexact, or confusing statements nor engage in actions that are disloyal to SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. or are unlawful.


The personal data provided by the user may be stored in automated databases or not; these are exclusively owned by SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. , assuming all the technical, organizational, and security measures that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and quality of the information contained therein in accordance with that set forth in the prevailing regulations governing the protection of personal data.


Both accessing and using the website’s information in an unauthorized manner is the exclusive responsibility of whoever is carrying out these actions. SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any consequences, damage, or detriment that may arise from this access or use. SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. shall not be held responsible for security errors that may occur, nor for any damage that this may entail for a user’s IT system (hardware and software) or the files or documents stored within, as a consequence of:
– the presence a virus on the user’s computer that is used to connect to the web services or content.
– a malfunctioning browser.
– and/or the use of outdated browser versions.
SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. shall not be held responsible for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks included on the website to open other websites. SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. does not guarantee the utility of these links, nor is it responsible for the content or services that the user may access by clicking on them or for the proper functioning of these websites.
SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. shall not be held responsible for viruses or other computer programs that damage or may damage the users’ systems or IT equipment upon accessing its website or other websites they may have accessed through links thereon.


This website may use cookies or similar technologies that will be governed by that set forth in the Cookies Policy, which will be accessible at all times and respect the confidentiality and privacy of the user, being an integral part of this Legal Notice.


Internet servers may collect non-identifying data, which may include IP addresses and other information that cannot be used to identify the user. Your IP address will be automatically stored in the access logs for the sole purpose of enabling the transfer of information via the Internet. Your computer or device must provide this IP address when browsing the Internet so that communications can occur. In addition, the IP address may be used to compile anonymous statistics regarding the number of visitors to this website and their origin, in a completely transparent way.


The user acknowledges and agrees that all content and/or any other elements of the website are owned by SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. and agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. Any use of the website and its content should be private in nature.
Any other use which entails copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication, or any other similar action, of all or part of the website content is reserved exclusively for SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. . Thus, no user may perform any of these actions without prior written authorization from SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U.


This legal notice shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation. SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. and the users, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled, irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts presiding over the user’s address for any issues which may arise from accessing or using the website. If the user’s address is outside of Spain, SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U. and the user submit, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the courts governing the address of SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS GAIA, S.L.U.