We always work with a budget so that you know how much your translation will cost.

Do you want to send us your budget in an agile and simple way?

You will have everything clear before ordering the translation, without last minute surprises. For this reason we want to assess exactly what needs to be translated and we need to see the text or document from which we would start. Click on the access button to be able to upload a copy of the document to be translated to our platform in the manner that we indicate and we will send you a customized quote.

Step 1


The first thing you should do when entering the upload space is to name your file(s) to upload in this way to be able to identify it:Name_Email_Phone – Exmpl: CarlosAlonso_alonso@gmail.com_666666666

Once this is done, click on “Select or drag and drop files” or drop the files on the interactive space.

Step 2


Once the files have been uploaded according to the instructions in step 1 and we have sent the customized budget and the payment method, access our digital payment form to complete the process.

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