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We can provide interpreters throughout Galicia and most of Spain based on your requirements and the subject matter. We can also provide certified (sworn) interpreters. Tell us your requirements and we will arrange for the best solution on the market. Our services include:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: for conferences and seminars. When an interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker (requires audio equipment and interpreting booths).
  • Consecutive interpreting: for conferences, seminars and courses. The interpreter speaks after the speaker, meaning the presentation will take twice as long.
  • Whispered interpreting: for meetings involving relatively few people.
  • Certified (sworn) interpreters: for official events (such as weddings, giving evidence and legal action).


Do you know the language spoken by your client? Are you able to write in it directly? Do you just need your texts to be revised to ensure they read well and are free from errors? The revision of texts that have been translated or initially written in a second language is essential to ensuring they read well and are error free. On many occasions, the author of a text can speak a language perfectly well. They may be able to read and understand a second language but may lack the skills to produce a fluent written text.

Don’t let an unpolished text stand in the way of a successful business relationship. Let us take care of your needs when it comes to revising texts. We will revise the text taking into account the target country, its intended use and any other criteria you provide us. Take the weight of revising your translation off your shoulders, leave it to us!



Have you ever been reading a manual in English and, no matter how many times you re-read a sentence, you still can’t make sense of it? Don’t worry, it’s probably not your fault. It’s probably just a bad translation. Not everyone who speaks and understands two languages can be a translator. Be careful who you ask to do your translation: it is important the message is transmitted correctly, paying attention to factors such as the target audience and the purpose of the text.

It might just be a short email, or perhaps a larger document, but you should always have the translation done professionally to ensure the reader understands what you are saying and decides to do business with you or buy the product you are trying to sell.

When it comes to translation, the work of a skilled professional can make or break the success of your business abroad. We are here to provide solutions to the language problems that arise during the course of your business.


Audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation projects are handled separately since they require specific software and equipment for dubbing, subtitling and transcription.

If you have a video in a language you do not understand, you may want to have it subtitled or dubbed. Our team of professionals will translate and shorten the texts using subtitling techniques and will insert the subtitles in the video using special software. If you need to dub a video, we can extract, transcribe and translate the audio.

Contact us for details of the available options and we will provide the solution that best meets your needs.

Traducción Audiovisual

Specialized translation

Cuando hablamos de traducción técnica, estamos hablando de una traducción específica de documentación altamente especializada, que debe ser realizada por un traductor técnico, que no solo sea nativo del idioma de destino sino que además conozca el campo a tratar y sea capaz de investigar en la materia y hacer las preguntas pertinentes para que la versión final sea perfectamente comprensible y adecuada al sector en cuestión. Proporcionamos servicios de traducción técnica en los siguientes sectores: naval, automoción, equipos electrónicos y bienes de consumo, máquinas herramientas, equipamiento industrial, ingeniería. Entre los documentos más habituales se encuentran los manuales de montaje, manuales de usuario, manuales de reparaciones, manual de servicio, especificaciones técnicas, documentación de certificación y homologación, etc. Traductores técnicos disponibles en varios idiomas.

Traducción especializada

Certified (Sworn) Translation

If you need to provide official documentation for a domestic or foreign organization in a language other than the one in which it was written, you will most likely need a certified (sworn) translation. We specialize in providing sworn translations. We have certified translators who work both from and into Spanish and Galician, all authorized by the appropriate authorities (the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xunta de Galicia) for all currently recognized languages. Looking for a certified translator into Spanish? Perhaps you need a certified translator from Portuguese? Or maybe a certified translator into Galician? Choosing agp is the simplest and easiest way to meet your requirements.

Our official translation service can also provide advice on the standard procedures for legalizing and certifying translations and foreign documents. Each country and organization has its own peculiarities, making the experience we have built up over the years one of our biggest assets when it comes to understanding the requirements of our clients.

Traducción jurada

Technical translation

Technical translations are specific translations of highly specialized documents that must be carried out by a technical translator. The translator will not only be a native speaker of the target language but will also have knowledge of the subject matter and will be able to undertake research in the area and ask the questions required to ensure the final version can be fully understood and conforms to the norms of the sector in question. We provide technical translation services in the following sectors: naval, automotive, electronic equipment and consumer goods, machine tools, industrial equipment and engineering. The most common types of documents we translate include assembly manuals, user manuals, repair manuals, service manuals, technical specifications, and documentation for certification and standardization. We have technical translators in various languages.

The language professionals. Request a no-obligation quote.

Traducción técnica
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